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Finally, the day is here! We are tremendously excited to announce that we've rolled off our first motorcycle from our Chennai facility Assembly line. This is the first step towards our vision for electric mobility that propels the motorcycle tech landscape to the heights of innovation. Big thanks to all the families and investors that attended the event and a huge shoutout to the Raptee team that made the event a tremendous success.


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The Aegis Graham Bell Awards celebrate exceptional achievements in technology and innovation across various sectors. Being shortlisted as a finalist is a testament to Raptee's dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility and its potential to revolutionize transportation. 

This recognition by MeitY, a key government body fostering technological advancements in India, further validates Raptee's contributions. It's a significant moment for the entire Raptee team, and we are undoubtedly thrilled to have our efforts acknowledged at such a prestigious platform. 


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GIM held on January 7 & 8, drew participation from top Tamil Nadu startups and leading global investors.


The response was overwhelming, to say the least. People couldn't stop staring at our booth! When they walked past, they'd slam on the brakes, take a good look at our bike, and jaws would drop.


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The team was honored to receive the "Aspirational Innovative Startup Of The Year 2022" award, presented by FICCI and The Indian Express. Being recognized for our commitment to redefining innovation was a source of immense pride for the entire team. This prestigious accolade serves as a catalyst, propelling us to innovate further and push the boundaries of what is possible in our field. 


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