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Co-Founder & CEO

Dinesh Arjun

Dinesh Arjun, the CEO of Raptee, is a visionary leader with an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering commitment to innovation. His academic journey began at Madras Institute of Technology, a renowned institution known for producing top-tier engineers. Here, he laid the groundwork for a career driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Dinesh's thirst for knowledge led him to Purdue University, a globally respected institution for engineering and technology. Armed with a diverse educational background and a deep passion for engineering, he ventured into the dynamic world of electric vehicles (EVs) and spent a year working at Tesla under NIP (New Product Introduction). His path to Raptee was marked by an unshakable belief in the potential of EVs to transform not only transportation but also the environmental landscape. Dinesh had a bold vision—to create an EV that not only benefited the planet but also represented a significant upgrade for Indian consumers, a vehicle they would take pride in riding. The challenge lay in the existing state of technology within the two-wheeler industry. It was apparent that conventional approaches wouldn't suffice to realize their ambitious goals. Undeterred by the odds, Dinesh, along with his dedicated team of co-founders, made a daring decision—they would pioneer high-voltage electric two-wheelers in India. At the time, this idea raised eyebrows and was considered somewhat unconventional, even crazy. However, as time progressed and their vision took shape, their concept began to gain acceptance. This pivotal moment marked the birth of high-voltage electric two-wheelers in India, a groundbreaking concept that would redefine the entire industry. At Raptee, their commitment was clear: every element of their motorcycle would be an upgrade, a symbol of status, and a practical choice. 

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Keerthi brings a strong educational foundation to the team. He holds a bachelor's degree in Production Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology and has further honed his skills with a master's degree in Quality from CEG. From a young age, Keerthi demonstrated a natural talent for crafting and building. His passion for building things and his technical acumen laid the groundwork for his journey in the automotive and engineering fields. Now, as the CTO of Raptee, Keerthi plays a pivotal role in steering the company's technological vision and innovation. His academic background in Production Engineering and Quality Management equips him with a holistic understanding of manufacturing processes and quality control—a valuable asset in the automotive industry.

Co-Founder & CTO

Keerthivasan Ravi

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Karthikeyan A

Co-Founder & VP Electronics

A production engineering graduate from MIT, has always possessed an innate fascination with electricals and electronics. Even during his early years, he would routinely disassemble and reassemble various devices, nurturing his curiosity and problem-solving skills. His journey to becoming a crucial part of Raptee's founding team began during his college years. Despite his mechanical engineering background, he harboured a burning interest in the burgeoning field of electric vehicles (EVs). Recognizing Raptee’s need for his expertise in electrical aspects, he eagerly accepted the challenge and assumed responsibility for these critical components. As Raptee's journey to establish itself in the EV industry unfolded, his dedication and skill set didn't go unnoticed. Thanks to his unwavering commitment and proficiency, he was appointed as the head of Electricals and Electronics within the company. With this dynamic quartet at the helm, Raptee embarked on its mission to make a lasting impact in the world of electric vehicles. 

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Co-Founder & VP Vehicle Engineering

Phunith Kumar holds a B.Tech in Production Engineering, which he completed in 2018 at National Institute of Technology, Trichy. After graduating, he ventured into the software industry and spent a year as a Java developer at a software company. However, his heart was not entirely in software development, and he harboured a strong desire to delve into the world of automotive engineering. His journey at Raptee commenced nearly four years ago, marking a pivotal transition in his career. His initial role primarily revolved around validation, which entailed conducting comprehensive analyses, examining vehicle dynamics, and meticulously modelling components. Ensuring that every component and the motorcycle as a whole, met and exceeded performance expectations, with a particular emphasis on fail-safety, became his top priority. He currently spearheads the vehicle engineering team at Raptee, where his expertise is instrumental in achieving the highest standards of safety and reliability for their motorcycles. Originally from Chennai, his interests outside of work include cricket, a pastime he enjoys during moments of leisure. However, his passion for vehicles and the thrill of building them traces back to his college days. During his undergraduate years, he participated in inter-college competitions organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers, such as Baja. These events exposed him to the joy of crafting fully functional vehicles—a fascination that fuelled his enthusiasm for the automotive field. 

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Jayapradeep Vasudevan


Jayapradeep Vasudevan, Raptee's Chief Business Officer, is a seasoned Business leader, bringing a unique fusion of cultural influences from Tamil Nadu and Kerala . With an Engineering degree in Agricultural Engineering and an MBA from Greatlakes Institute of Management, he has traversed across various sectors of the Automobile industry like Tractors, Passenger cars and Motorcycles managing diverse roles to strengthen his Business management skills. He embarked on his career at TAFE, laying the foundation for his sales career by learning nearly three years from the tractor industry sales and service, overseeing dealership networks in Tamil Nadu and Kerala thereby sharpening his management skills. Later, he moved onto explore the passenger car industry by assuming the role of South Regional Manager at Hindustan Motors, focusing on automotive dealer networks and sales for an impressive seven years with sharp growth in his career. Subsequently, he joined Royal Enfield in 2008, right at the moment when the major transition was just about to begin, and then progressing from regional to national roles, contributing significantly to network expansion, sales strategy, and enhancing customer experiences. He had the privilege of  continuous learning from the prestigious institutions like IIM and ISB through multiple leadership development programs. After two decades in the corporate world, to learn and adapt to the new technologies and the vibrant startup world, in the start of 2023 he ventured into an enterprising role with Raptee to immerse himself in the burgeoning electric vehicle sector. His journey signifies a blend of diverse experiences, automotive industry expertise, and a fervent embrace of the EV revolution.

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