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CAS/Class A Modeler

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Job Type

Full time

Job Description

A CAS/Class A modeler brings shape and form to Styling ideas and designs. Creating models from concepts and sketches focusing on the combination of form and function, including overall vehicle package, looks for the exterior, interior and color and trim look and feel of the vehicle. Work on many phases or subtasks of projects or entire projects of moderate complexity, with results impacting on project completion.
Work under general supervision, reviewed at project milestones and/or on completion by Senior Management.


Create quality, accurate 3D surface models that should meet the conceptual design intent.

- Proficient in AUTODESK ALIAS. Highly proficient in both CAS and CLASS A modelling.

- Interpret 2D sketches and renderings into 3D surfaces.

- Coordinate & work collaboratively with Creative design and engineering teams.

- Should be able to create surfaces from scan data.

- Should provide alternative proposals and capture design Intent creatively

- Deliver production quality surfaces and ensures surface meet organizational standards in quality and time.

- Work closely with engineering team, and packaging engineers to incorporate all feasibility criteria and create surfaces that meet the criteria.

- Should collaborate with proto team to prototype CAS/Class A models for design approvals.

- Conduct preliminary engineering and manufacturing feasibility studies before developing high quality class-A surfaces.


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