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CAD/CAE Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Job Type

Full time

Job Description

Raptee Energy is an early stage e-mobility startup working on futuristic solutions primarily for next gen commuter motorcycles.


Ideally 1 to 2 years of experience in CAD & CAE.
Basic understanding of vehicle dynamics and automotive technology.
Prior experience with design software, preferably SolidWorks.
Prior experience with analysis software, preferably HyperWorks.
Ability to troubleshoot problems and come up with innovative solutions.


We are seeking a full timer to join the team at Raptee and make an immediate impact. As a CAD/CAE Engineer, you will support the product development team and the founding team in a number of areas. Your roles and responsibilities include:

Work with other teams to design (Solid and Surface Modelling), analyze (Structural, Thermal and Aerodynamic Simulations) and iterate to arrive at a cost optimized and production feasible component.
Work on components such as the Frame, Battery Box, Body Panels, Gearbox, etc.
Research on component's function and failure modes, its manufacturing feasibility and run analysis for different working conditions of the component.

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